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Twitter lets you avoid people with new Mute feature for iPhone and Android

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday May 12, 2014.

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Twitter has announced a new method for avoiding people on Twitter. Taking a page from third party apps that have long used "Mute" features to silence someone's presence without blocking or unfollowing that person, Twitter says it will soon add a Mute feature to its Android and iPhone apps. Unfortunately, it's not as sophisticated as third-party clients.

In the newly announced Mute feature, Twitter users will be able to prevent someone's tweets and retweets from appearing in a timeline. That person will still be able to view your tweets but this allows you to not take more permanent steps of unfollowing and letting the person know or blocking him or her to cut all communication. Someone who has been muted can still send direct messages and @ replies will appear in the notifications tab. If a time comes you no longer wish to mute that person, selecting unmute restores him or her to the timeline.

Muting is a useful tool if you genuinely like following someone on Twitter but don't like when that person live tweets TV shows or suddenly fires off a high volume of tweets. Muting makes it possible to temporarily silence that person. Unlike Tweetbot, which lets users set time limits for mutes, Twitter requires users to manually unmute someone. If remembering to turn someone on or off might be something that you forget, perhaps it's better to just suffer that person's annoying periods or just unfollow them once and for all.

Twitter is rolling out the update for Android and iOS starting today, but not everyone will get it at once. All users should be able to mute someone within a few weeks.

source: Twitter

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