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Android and Chromium changelogs reveal codenames for Nexus tablet and Android TV

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday May 09, 2014.

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We know that Google is due to refresh its tablet offerings at some point this summer, and leaked photos from an upcoming set-top box called Android TV point to Google taking yet another crack at releasing an Android-based TV. We may have learned the code names for these devices.

MyCE.com discovered in the Chromium issue tracker that there is a reference to 'google/volantis/flounder' in the code. Android Central then searched the Android Open Source Project, the official code source for Android, and found reference to 'project/device/htc/flounder' as well. As you may recall, HTC has been rumored to be producing the next Nexus tablet, and this may be a clear sign of that happening. Nexus devices use fish-based codenames, and both Google and HTC using flounder projects seems like too much of a coincidence.

Also worth noting is this line:

project device/google/molly/
e610c57 Set BT minor code to SET_TOP_BOX instead of HIFI.

Mollies are also a type of fish but that doesn't automatically mean that this is a reference to a Nexus device. However, the "SET_TOP_BOX" line points to this being the MyCE, via: Android Central

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