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Google now knows whether you're running or walking thanks to update to Play Services

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday May 07, 2014.

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Android apps have traditionally been able to tell when a user is involved in physical activity by using hacks, workarounds, and broad data from Android's Location Services. Google has updated its Play Services app to include more accurate information from its new APIs. The Location API in Play Services 4.4 now includes new Activity Recognitions based on speed and the state of the phone. Combining information about how fast someone travels and the length that a device is tilted, developers are now able to determine if someone is walking or running. This could potentially inform fitness apps what kind of physical activity someone is doing, or it could be use for real-world games and map exploration apps.

On those fronts, Google has announced a few more changes in the new version of Play Services. Google Maps now supports Street View and Indoor Maps API's that developers can incorporate into their apps. Gamers can now send an in-game paid upgrade to multiple people, Google Wallet as a payment processor is now easier for developers to place within their apps, and it's possible to have direct in-app purchases based on user information. An example of the last addition could be that players who have purchased items from an app in the past would see an advertisement for one product but first-time players would see an ad for a different in-app purchase option.

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