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Google Maps adds new options for directions, offline maps, and businesses

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday May 06, 2014.

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Google Maps for Android and iOS now does a better job telling drivers where to go, when to go, and how to get there even if you lose a cellular connection thanks to its most recent update. Google today announced a slew of new features in Maps for both the iPhone and Android devices. One of the standout changes is Lane Guidance, which tells users which lane to stay in when approaching exits on the left or right side of the highway. This feature unfortunately will initially be useable only in the US and parts of Canada and Japan.

Other new features include:

The return of Offline Maps being easily accessible. With a network connection, tap on an area and choose "Save a map to use offline" to keep the area accessible later when the network connection is lost.

Businesses at some locations now reveal pertinent information beyond simple contact and address information. You can also know when last call is at a bar or the general pricing info of a hotel. Maps can also filter results according to this information.

Uber riders can include ride duration estimates in the public transit directions page, but only if they have the Uber app installed on the phone.

Google now warns users about the last train home and provides information on more public transit stops. Maps already provided this information, but Google appears to have increased number of listings and added total walking times alongside the next departing train.

Bookmark places to visit like parks or landmarks by marking them on a desktop and then signing in to a Google account on a smartphone to see the "places to review" section

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source: Google

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