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Touch ID is now faster and accurate with iOS 7.1.1

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday April 30, 2014.

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If you've noticed that Touch ID unlocks your iPhone 5s somewhat faster since updating to iOS 7.1.1, it's not an illusion. Your phone is moving faster because Apple has fixed a couple of issues that affected fingerprint reading.

The key change is that Touch ID is now smarter during the setup process. Touch ID works by scanning the user's finger and then learning from subsequent readings to better validate the user. However, the original way of doing this scanned the finger only once, which lead to problems over time. In iOS 7.1.1, the iPhone takes multiple scans during the initial setup process to ensure greater accuracy.

A byproduct of the smarter process for scanning a finger the first time, Touch ID now takes less time to validate the user. The result is that an iPhone 5s will now take less time to know if Jack or Leah is trying to get into a phone, ensuring that the rightful owner gets into his or her phone with greater consistency and less time.

source: Reddit, via: Cult of Mac

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