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OnePlus clarifies production schedule after questionable marketing campaign

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday April 30, 2014.

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OnePlus did well to launch its One smartphone after a drawn-out, hype-heavy run-up to the official announcement last week. However, the company has had more than a few missteps since then. There was a minor "controversy" about its ties to Oppo and dangerous and dumb campaign that encouraged users to smash their current smartphones in order to get a One phone for a $1. Apparently, OnePlus failed to realize that it's not a bright idea to encourage consumers to smash perfectly working smartphones that are probably worth as much or more than the One, and it's especially a bad idea if there's a non-removable battery that can be a hazard if it's punctured or when hit.

The biggest problem facing OnePlus is availability. Rather than create a batch of phones and sell them to the first people to enter their payment information, OnePlus will only sell to contest winners and people who receive invites. Subsequent batches will be available to all consumers, but not until June. The company has altered production schedule to create more of the more desirable 64GB models of the OnePlus One, but the invite system will remain in place for now. Here's OnePlus's revised production schedule:

- Ready now - 100 for phone smashers
- Mid to late May - Larger batch 16GB Silk White for the first batch of invites
- Early June - Larger batch 64GB Sandstone Black
- Later in June - Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June

source: OnePlus

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