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The first Microsoft ad for Lumia phones is "not like everybody else"

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday April 28, 2014.

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Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's handset division became official only three days ago, but Microsoft is wasting no time in establishing its new place as a smartphone manufacturer. The Nokia YouTube page today posted its first advertisement since the acquisition, and I must admit that it's pretty striking.

The ad opens up in a slow-motion scene of everything being black and white. A man suddenly appears in bright yellow jacket and red hat and gloves, drawing immediate stares from everyone who passes. It's like a modern-day Pleasantville, only the reason the star is live and in color is because he holds a Lumia 1020. The decision to include The Kinks "Not Like Everybody Else" as the soundtrack makes this ad subtle-free, but it drives the point home.

The most noteworthy aspect of the ad is that the tagline is Microsoft rather than Nokia, showing Microsoft is going to push its brand with smartphones rather than trade on Nokia, which has more recognition in the mobile industries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Microsoft and Nokia have partnered on several ad campaigns, but 'Not Like Everybody Else' marks the first time Microsoft has pushed itself to the forefront rather than focus on the product being advertised.

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