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Google Glass open to everyone once again

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 24, 2014.

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It may be an error with the website or it may be sign of Google finally opening up to more users; whatever the cause, the Google Glass website is no longer requiring an invitation to place an order.

Google last week made Glass available to anyone in the US for a one-day sale, and the company reported that it sold out of the white Google Glass model. The sale ended but it has since been discovered that Glass.google.com is once again open to all orders, and it's not requiring users to enter their invitation codes. The deal once again seems to be limited to people in the US and includes a free pair of titanium frames for prescription lenses or sunglasses.

Anyone in the US with $1,500 to spare and a desire to join the Glass Explorer program can visit the website and try to place an order while they site is still open. There's no guarantee Google will honor all sales, but the worst the company can do is say no and you'll be back where you started.

source: Google Glass, via: Google Glass Geeks

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