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IFTTT Android app launching today

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 24, 2014.

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IFTTT is finally bringing its reactionary toolset of web and mobile recipes to Android today. The app automates tasks based on various triggers that take place on the phone or online, and it will soon be available for Android users like it has been for iPhone users.

If This, Then That has been a web staple for crafting "recipes" that take action when one thing happens. If a tweet is favorited, it can be added to Pocket. If a photo is posted to Instagram, it can be backed up to Dropbox. There are several channels and even more combinations that can be used to save time and effort by taking automatic actions based on what someone does in email, social media, or even what happens on their favorite websites.

Now IFTTT launches with some mobile-specific channels like location, SMS, device settings, phone calls, and photos. With these new channels, users can forward texts to email, automatically back-up photos, and much more. The iPhone version has used some of these features and other applications have included the features natively, but IFTTT lets users centralize their options and link with other recipes or channels to do more.

The Google Play Store link may not be available to everyone at the moment, but IFTTT will launch on Android later today at the download link below.

Download IFTTT

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