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Nike may have fired its FuelBand team because it's working with Apple on a smart band

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 22, 2014.

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Nike made deep cuts to its digital design team this week. As many as 55 of the 70-person team responsible for FuelBand have been let go, sparking rumors that Nike is abandoning the wearable market. The sneaker giant has since declared that it fully intends to support Fuelband and will launch new colors later this year, but if that's the case, why dismiss so many people responsible for creating the band and its successors? The answer may be that Nike no longer has need of so many hardware experts because it plans to partner with another company that's done pretty well for itself in hardware - Apple.

Geektime claims that it has spoken with two sources who both claim that Nike is set to introduce a smart band that would act as gestural controller and fitness tracker. The band would recognize steps and other aspects of physical activity like the FuelBand, but it would also be able to recognize certain patterns to do other things. For instance, flicking the wrist two times might launch an app or function. The reason Nike comes into play is that Geektime claims Nike is partnering with Apple on the product. The specifics of any rumored deal are unknown, but the source claims that Nike has a "significant part" in the new Apple product rumored to launch this year. If that's true, perhaps it explains why Nike would abandon its own ventures and partner with a company with a stronger tech pedigree. Maybe Nike was afraid of the competition?

source: Geektime

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