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Google Hangouts introducing merged conversations, widgets, and better quality video calls

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday April 21, 2014.

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Moving towards its goal of making Hangouts the unified solution for all communication formats on a mobile device, Google has announced an upcoming update for its Android app that will improve performance and introduce new features like a streamlined view for conversations. Google Hangouts currently lists conversations based on format, so a Hangouts message with Joe has a separate thread from the text messages with Joe. The new version of Hangouts, launching later this week, will make it so all communication with Joe appears in one place. If someone chooses to keep messages separately, the user has the option to merge and un-merge threads.

Hangouts will also make contacts easier to spot. The Contacts section of the app now groups people someone hangs out with in one section and then below that a standard contacts list that someone can scroll through. Alongside a new home screen widget that displays recent conversations, more reliable SMS and MMS transfers, and "better quality video calls," Hangouts for Android should better meet its users' needs. The update will go live in Google Play later this week.

source: Google

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