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Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked just like Apple iPhone 5s

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 15, 2014.

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Remember how the Apple iPhone 5s TouchID was tricked by a security researcher replicating a fingerprint and then placing it on the Touch ID sensor? Well, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is also susceptible to the same hack. Just like last time, the hack is note easy to replicate in the slightest bit, and unless your phone holds state secrets or you have a particularly determined spouse looking to snoop on your phone, there's nothing to worry about.

However, it's still worth mentioning that the fingerprint scanner in the S5 is vulnerable because of its link to PayPal accounts. SRLabs took a high-quality photo of a fingerprint and then created rubber mold to act as a synthetic finger. It's not something that your average thief can do it, but it can be a risk because of the way that the Galaxy S5 grants access to a PayPal account. This is just a reminder that a fingerprint scanner is a convenient way to store your password but not an airtight way. Here's a video of the demonstrated hack.

via: Techcrunch

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