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Analyst claims Apple wants to raise price of iPhone $100

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday April 14, 2014.

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It might sound strange to suggest raising prices at a time when companies are cutting corners in major ways to shave costs off high-end devices, but that's exactly what Apple wants to do according to one analyst that claims to have insider information. To be clear, analysts have been comically wrong about Apple in the past, but the once ultra-secretive company has been leaking information consistently for the past two years, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that this person might be right. Might.

According to Peter Misek of Jefferson & Co., Apple wants to increase the cost of the iPhone 6 by $100. Carriers have resisted so far, but with "no other game-changing devices" launching in 2014, they may relent, Misek says. The rationale is that the current cost of a 32GB iPhone on-contract ($299) will not be appropriate if Apple introduces a larger iPhone this year as expected. Apple wants to push the subsidized cost of the phone higher but carriers are resisting that change because of fears that they might miss out on sales.

The belief that Apple would push for higher prices goes against the company's own research that suggests lowering costs is the answer to continuing Apple?s rise as a premiere mobile product, but the last product meant to lower costs, the Apple iPhone 5c, has struggled to find its place. is Apple changing course or sticking to its guns and keeping the next iPhone expensive?

source: Business Insider

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