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T-Mobile puts an end to data overage fees and challenges carriers to do the same

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday April 14, 2014.

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T-Mobile says it's done with charging customers extra for going over their monthly data when within the confines of the United States. However, this is old news as the company has already been phasing out overage fees since it began converting customers to contract free monthly plans that are unlimited or promise a certain amount of 4G service before customers are throttled to lower speeds. The reason T-Mobile's promise to end charging customers extra is that this now applies to "all customers on T-Mobile consumer plans," and CEO John Legere is now challenging rival carriers to follow suit.

Legere has started a Change.org petition to pressure carriers into ending overage fees. Change petitions are supposed to be for asking the White House to adjust policies, but like many other Americans who use the site, Legere is using Change.org as a stunt to push his cause and draw public attention to the difference between his organization and others. He writes:

"In 2013, more than 20 million Americans were hit with punitive overage charges by U.S. wireless companies, and all Americans have known the fear of wireless bill shock. Overage penalties from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint take more than an incredible $1 billion out of consumers? pockets every year. It?s time to show these companies that we?re not going to take these outrageous fees lying down anymore."

While T-Mobile has successfully forced carriers into changing their methods with its Uncarrier plans, this may be the most difficult yet. Getting AT&T and Verizon to abandon overage fees would require that both companies drastically alter their operations to give up millions of dollars and undermine their pricing structure designed to manage their networks. Regardless of how many signatures this petition gets, the nation's largest carriers will only respond to consumers departing their networks for T-Mobile or Sprint.

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