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Samsung Gear trademark applications point to SIM-capable and Android Wear watches

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday April 11, 2014.

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Recent rumors have suggested that Samsung would release a special version of the Gear smartwatch that would be independent of any phone and have its own data connection through a 3G SIM slot. Trademark filings by Samsung make those rumors seem more plausible, and reveal what may be the name of Samsung's Android Wear wristwatch.

Samsung petitioned the US Patent and Trademark Office to grant it a trademark for the Samsung Gear Solo. The solo name would imply that it's independent, thus lending credence to the idea of a Tizen-powered smart watch similar to the Gear 2 that has its own cellular connection. The rumors have so far said that Samsung would only sell the SIM-enabled Gear in South Korea, but it's common for companies to trademark device names globally in case they bring the product to more markets at a later date or different models in later years.

On the same day, Samsung also applied for a trademark of the "Gear Now." That may be the name of an upcoming Android Wear product. Google already confirmed Samsung is one of the companies that had signed on to participate in Wear, despite the company's heavy investment in Tizen as a wearable platform, and the name could be a tie-in to Google Now, a major component of Wear. It would be strange to see Samsung align its brand so closely with Google, but perhaps using the word Now is the preferred way to draw a strong distinction between the Tizen Gear products and those that run Android Wear.

source: USPTO, via: Phone Arena

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