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Comcast is considering becoming a wireless carrier

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday April 09, 2014.

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Comcast reportedly has its eyes on expanding beyond the cable television and internet market by joining the ranks of mobile service providers. Reporters from The Information claim that their sources with knowledge of the situation say Comcast might try to compete with the major carriers but would still rely on their networks.

According to the rumors, Comcast would employ a strategy also floated by Google's rumored network. The new service would deliver wireless connectivity through a large network of linked access points. With Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous in some areas of the country, Comcast would leverage those access points to let subscribers use their phones. However, because Wi-Fi is not always available, subscribers would piggyback on Verizon's or AT&T's wireless network as needed.

Comcast is only in the exploration phase and this is a long way from happening, if at all, but this rumor paints an interesting picture. Republic Wireless already uses this strategy to deliver low cost wireless service. With spectrum at a premium and the four major networks gobbling up as much as they can, this may be the way that new challengers in the cellular industry grow their business.

source: The Information, via: Mashable

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