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Sprint echoes T-Mobile, now offering up to $350 to switch carriers

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday April 04, 2014.

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Sprint today announced a new promotion that could potentially offer customers up to $650 to help allay the costs of switching wireless service providers. The deal is the same offered by T-Mobile and then briefly by AT&T earlier this year - switch from another wireless contract to a Sprint Framily plan and Sprint will pay up to $350 per line to cover the Early Termination Fee (ETF). Turn in an existing device and customers could earn a $300 credit to put toward the purchase of their new Sprint phone.

Pay attention to the words "up to" because there are limits on how much Sprint will offer. The age, condition, and model of a device affects how much Sprint offers in trade-in credit, so a 1-year old midrange Android phone won't command as much money as a 1-year old iPhone 5. In some cases, it might make more sense to independently sell a phone if you don't feel the trade-in credit is reasonable.

As for the ETF bonus, customers will have to wait at least three months to receive. Once customers submit the final invoice from their current carrier, Sprint will issue a Visa prepaid card 10-12 weeks later that has the value of the fees associated with leaving the carrier (ETF or EIP). The same rules apply to each line that joins the Framily plan, so a family of four would receive a maximum of $1,400 to cover the costs of leaving AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

source: Sprint

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