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Verizon Wireless cuts prices to be more competitive with AT&T plans

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 03, 2014.

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Verizon has adjusted its pricing on higher data plans in order to better compete with chief rival AT&T. Though the carrier has long said that it charges more for a premium network because it delivers more reliable service, Verizon adjusted the higher tiers of its More Everything plans to drop the per line cost from $20 to $15. The lower prices mean that a family of four now pays $160 per month to Verizon for 10GB of share data, the same rate advertised by AT&T.

There's one caveat with the deal - it only applies to Edge customers, which means it's not truly the same price as AT&T. Verizon Edge has a required monthly fee and doesn't offer discounts for customers who bring their own device. Therefore, this is not truly Verizon price matching AT&T, but it does give high data users a $5 per line discount and brings the pricing structure closer to the competition. For consumers who wish to remain on Verizon because of coverage issues, this change allows them to pocket a few extra dollars each month.

source: Fierce Wireless, via: Engadget

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