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Samsung and HTC can't help doing the same thing on April Fools' Day

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday April 01, 2014.

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Samsung Fingers
Samsung Fingers

Today is the worst day in tech, also known as April Fools' Day. This is the day that companies trot out fake products that are either boring, rehashed jokes or silly ideas that when you think about them might actually make for good products. In the case of HTC and Samsung it's closer to the former than the later, but both companies happened to have practically the same idea.

HTC today announced the HTC Gluuv, a Nintendo-inspired wearable that puts an HTC One M8 on your wrist, forearm, and hand. The imaginary glove straps an M8 to the back and has HoloCall holographic phone calls right out of Star Wars. It also links BoomSound with an antiquated BoomBox, expresses Facebook likes by giving an actual thumbs up and activating glove sensors, and has an 87.2-megapixel camera right below the knuckles.

Samsung opted for a smart glove called Samsung Fingers that doesn't rely on a smartphone. The glove has sensors to make noise to get attention, has solar recharging, gestures to handle phone calls, even make fart noises. The genius ideas you had in middle school are apparently on the priority lists of Samsung's innovative design team. I don't know about you, but I've already put my money down to pre-order this and the Gluvv.

source: Samsung, via: HTC

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