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Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best display ever according to experts

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday March 31, 2014.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best performing display ever seen in a smartphone. That's a lofty title to place on a device yet to be released, unless you're in South Korea, but that's exactly what screen-obsessed website Display Mate has posted after conducting independent testing of the device.

Display Mate received a Galaxy S5 from Samsung and began testing various forms of lighting, including a range from full brightness to ultra-dim settings meant to gauge how a screen can be used when lying in bed at night and not wishing to disturb the person lying next to you. The tests went beyond the layman issues about brightness and pixels and found that the Galaxy S5 is ahead of any other device on the market.

Display Mate also examined how the display affects battery performance, adapts to ambient lighting, deals with contrast, represents color accuracy, and maintains consistency. You can read the full results at its website, but the short version is that the Galaxy S5's display is beautiful, something anyone who has seen the device can tell you without needing any numbers to back it up, and has the performance to make it more than just something pretty to look at.

source: Display Mate

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