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Google now requires "powered by Android" sign on sanctioned Android products

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 28, 2014.

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People use to ask me if my HTC was a DROID, but today they ask me if my Motorola is a Galaxy. Though Android is the common underlying feature of those devices, the operating system has always played second fiddle to whatever branding the most popular manufacturer of the time used. Google has instituted a new policy among Android manufacturers that may help curb that lack of recognition.

When someone turns on an HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5, that person will see a logo noting that the phone is "powered by Android" at the bottom. Companies are not doing this out of solidarity or to praise the phone's OS; they are doing it because Google has forced them to include the logo.

Geek.com has obtained guidelines reportedly issued by Google that explain how the "powered by Android" logo must be displayed. Including the logo is required for any company that wishes to include the Google Mobile services, including the Google Play app store. With the exception of the Nokia X and Amazon Kindle, no major manufacturer can release a mobile product without those apps and expect to succeed without heavy investments in replacing them. As a result, it's much easier to simply add the logo to a screen most users will look at only for a few seconds and rarely pay attention to again.

The boot screens from HTC and Samsung have previously shown only their own logos or the branding of carriers, but they are now required to let consumers know that Android is the foundation of their phone's software.

source: Geek

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