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Microsoft Office for iPad launches with free viewing and editing features requiring a paid subscription

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 27, 2014.

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Microsoft Office for iPad
Microsoft Office for iPad

You can now create a Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation on an iPad and not have to rely on third-party software to do it. The only trick is you'll need to be a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber to do it.

Microsoft today officially launched its Office for iPad app, delivering a native iOS 7 app for consumers who have waited for an official app from the computing giant. The Office suite of apps are all free to download and provide the basic functions of reading or viewing documents and presentations already created. However, creating or editing those documents require a paid subscription to Office 365. In other words, you can view a spreadsheet in Excel but cannot update a formula. Likewise, you can launch a PowerPoint presentation to display to others, but fixing errors or adding new content works only with a 365 subscription.

While a subscription may make some personal users opt for a cheaper solution like a one-time fee for an alternative app - or even Apple's free iWork suite - Microsoft is making it possible to get the official app for $7 per month or $70 per year through subscription. Many businesses and institutions have Office 365 subscriptions, so employees or members of those groups will be able to access the app for free.

The "real Office apps" have a user interface that follows the "Ribbon" format to make it easy to jump between different tabs and functions. They maintain the full range of formatting for documents and include the ability to track changes and comments, annotate files, and have files synchronized through Microsoft OneDrive. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are three separate apps but all three are available in 29 languages and 135 countries.

Download Word for iPad
Download Excel for iPad
Download PowerPoint for iPad

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