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HTC adds Sense apps to Google Play to to enable faster updates for key features

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 25, 2014.

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HTC Sense Gallery in Google Play
HTC Sense Gallery in Google Play

HTC has a new strategy for combating the long wait times that customers may have when seeking new features - release those updates via Google Play rather than firmware. At the moment, HTC Sense UI apps for music, photos, and social media/news (Blinkfeed) can only be updated via firmware. As you've surely figured out by having to wait several weeks or months for Android updates in the past, this process is long, tricky, and not ideal. The easier solution would be to put these apps in Google Play and distribute updates in a less complicated and time-consuming fashion. That's what HTC is doing.

Several HTC apps have been uploaded to Google Play ahead of the impending launch of the HTC One. These HTC-only apps include Gallery, Blinkfeed, SenseTV, Guide, Fetch, and Service Pack. All of these apps contain the data and features that come pre-loaded on the HTC One, but they can be updated at a moment's notice through the standard Google Play procedures. That means HTC doesn't have to go through the hassle of carrier testing and large updates to add a few features to core apps. It's a similar strategy Google employed for its mobile apps, and Motorola followed suit last year. Now Sense can join the party.

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