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CHIL Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet review: a phone or tablet stylus always wrapped around your wrist

Review by Andrew Kameka on Monday March 31, 2014.

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CHIL Slap Stylus Bracelet
CHIL Slap Stylus Bracelet

For a brief moment, people were shocked and excited to learn that LG might be in the process of creating a stylus bracelet that would make it possible to wear your favored screen tool around your wrist. What many people failed to realize is that you don't need to wait on LG to deliver such a product - the company actually distributed some as promotional tools for the G Pad 8.3. The CHIL Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet already exists and offers the same functionality that briefly sent the web into a tizzy.

CHIL sells a 6.7-inch slap bracelet that wraps around someone's wrist without issue. A person with slim or medium sized wrist can have the stylus covered, but even a thicker person can use the 7.5-inch model for extra comfort. The bracelet is composed of a silicone material with dust and waterproof coating to keep it safe from the elements and from annoying your skin. I've worn it comfortably for nearly two months without once experiencing any problems. The side of the case that wraps around its wearer is smooth and has indentations to let more air circulate. The side facing outward has a raised woven or tire-like pattern so it doesn't look like a flat piece of plastic. From a fashion standpoint, the Slap Stylus does its best to standout without going over the top. It's common to see people wear rubber bands or bracelets, but the silicone stylus seems slightly above those accessories. People who prefer a subdued appearance can opt for black or blue colors, but flashier users have Mellon (orange-pinkish), Dusk Blue (Carolina Blue-ish), Hollywood (hot pink), Emerald (green), and Violet (purple).

CHIL Slap Stylus Bracelet
CHIL Slap Stylus Bracelet

The Slap Stylus hits most of its functional marks. CHIL designed the bracelet to unwrap and snap into a straight line when used as a stylus. The bracelet becomes very secure and doesn't bend while in use unless pressure is intentionally applied. It bends only when pulling the smooth side towards you and otherwise stands firm when drawing or writing. Speaking of which, there's a learning curve for both activities. Writing words with the Fashion Bracelet can be challenging because the stylus tip is rather thick. While I've grown accustom to the thinness of the Samsung Note devices and their fluid controls, the fatter tips of the Slap Stylus make clearly legible letters harder to produce. Despite this handwriting setback, it works perfectly fine for simple annotations and drawing. I'm no artist, but my doodles came out with solid coloring. Though I wouldn't recommend trying to write a thesis or long notes with this, the CHIL Slap Stylus bracelet is well suited for drawing and making short notes to accompany photographs.

CHIL sells the Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet for $14.99 (6.7-inch or 7.5-inch) for an individual stylus or $24.99 for a 2-pack. Extra stylus tips ship with the product, and you can often find that Amazon sells them at a cheaper price with Prime-eligible shipping.

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