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Moto 360 will probably have an OLED display with sapphire glass and magnetic charging

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 21, 2014.

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Motorola's recently announced smartwatch has been heavily teased but not clarified on some key details like display technology and battery life. G for Games claims to have obtained some of that information. According to a Chinese leakster who was reportedly the first to reveal details about the Moto X, the Moto 360 will have an OLED display covered by a piece of sapphire glass for added protection. OLED technology is known to produce longer last battery life when black colors are prominently featured, so having watch faces with black backgrounds could be a way to keep the battery lasting long. We also know that Qualcomm is involved with Android Wear, so we can reasonably suspect that the company once again paired with Motorola to tailor the chipset and display to increase durability.

When it comes time to recharge the battery, the Moto 360 will reportedly have a magnetic induction charger. Motorola confirmed in a Hangout earlier this week that the watch would not recharge via USB but the company declined to say exactly how it would reload the battery. The leaker for G for Games claims that it will be wireless charging by placing the watch on a pad that would recharge the 360. There's obviously no confirmation of these rumors, but they make the most sense for what Motorola do and apparently come from a believable source. We'll get confirmation of these possibilities when the Moto 360 launches this summer.

via: G for Games

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