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Facebook for Android may add a persistent notification section

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 21, 2014.

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Facebook for Android testing version
Facebook for Android testing version

Facebook has already found ways to constantly inject itself into the Android experience through its Home alternative launcher at the floating windows from its Messenger app. Now the company looks to become a permanent fixture of the notification window.

The Next Web reports that Facebook is currently testing a feature that would allow the company to persistently take over the notification window. The app would go to the top of the pull-down drawer and show the user's profile photo; indicators for friend requests, messages, and notifications; and a link to go to the News Feed. The shortcuts would appear all the time, even if someone doesn't have new information.

While this may seem like an undesirable feature for many users, Facebook is smart enough to make it easy to remove. Pressing the "i" icon in the notification area would go to Settings and turn off this feature, which would then return to the normal notification style. Facebook confirmed that this is just a test for a small group of people and did not say when it will launch as part of the main Facebook app.

source: The Next Web

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