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"Ok Google, take a picture" comes to Android

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 20, 2014.

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The Google Search app for Android has been updated to add a unique feature that will allow users to jump into the camera app using voice commands. By saying, "Ok Google" and then "take a photo (or picture)" or "take a video," the device's camera app will open in that particular mode to snap a picture or record whatever happens around you.

"Ok Google" is only to launch the camera app. Users will still need to press the button to take a picture or record a video, so this isn't a help to start hands-free use or act as a remote shutter for Android. However, the command can still come in handy for someone who wants to launch the camera app directly into a particular mode. The voice command can be a useful shortcut when someone is already on the home screen or doesn't have a physical camera button, but the delay it takes to start Google Now voice search and then trigger the app may make the process take longer than simply navigating to the camera app manually.

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