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Google Android Wear debuts for smartwatches with HTC, LG, Samsung, and Fossil among many on board

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 18, 2014.

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Android Wear for Android
Android Wear for Android

The Android wearable SDK has arrived as expected, though it's more ambitious than we anticipated. Google today unveiled Android Wear, a platform designed to bring Android and Google Now to wearable technology like smartwatches. Android SVP Sundar Pichai said that an SDK would be forthcoming in a few weeks, and we now have a look at a promotional video Google created to show what can be done with the platform.

Yes, it's a platform rather than a singular product. Wear provides the tools for companies to make their products more suited for Android, including new API's for notifications, motion tracking, and interactions with mobile devices. A watch can alert someone when he or she is running late, track how many calories are burned as that person runs for the bus, and then send replies to text messages from people wondering when that person will arrive. It also has the ability to control other devices, like a garage door, and the same powers of Google Now, including weather, search, sports updates, and more.

Google has so far launched a Developer Preview ahead of the full SDK launch that will offer more features. Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Fossil are among the companies that have already started working with Google on the platform. There's no telling when commercial products will hit shelves, but you can bet Google will announce something this summer at Google I/O.

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