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Google and Microsoft have killed any prospects of dual-boot operating systems on phones

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 14, 2014.

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Android and Microsoft
Android and Microsoft

Google and Microsoft are often on opposite sides when it comes to anything in the mobile industry, but the two forces are united on one issue - neither wants to see devices that run the other company's operating system next to their own.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft and Google have both pressured ASUS into canceling the Transformer Book Duet laptop that could run both Windows 8 and Android. The tablet/laptop hybrid was supposed to debut in a few months as one of the few devices capable of booting into Windows or switching to Android, but the project was shelved because Google reportedly did not want to license Google Play or any of its Google Mobile apps, and Microsoft did not want to see Android gain ground as desktop option.

ASUS's decision is not an isolated incident. This is an indication that dual-OS products have no shot if they run Android or Windows. Huawei yesterday announced that it planned to release an Android/Windows Phone 8 handset in the US later this year, but based on this news, the likeliness of that happening is low. Very low.

According to a memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has adopted a policy against dual OS products. Anyone hoping for a phone or tablet that could run Android or Windows Phone on the same device should probably focus those hopes on something new.

source: Wall Street Journal

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