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HTC exec says leaks are a sign of excitement, claims One is a Rolex in a world of Timex competitor

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday March 11, 2014.

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HTC obviously isn't excited when its phones leak, so the company probably hasn't been excited in a very long time considering that practically every important detail about the All New HTC One has been leaked in recent times. Despite the company's lack of excitement, the torrent of leaks and rumors are a just a sign that HTC is doing something right, according to Jason Mackenzie, president of the company's Americas division.

Mackenzie was on CNBC to discuss HTC winning 2013 Smartphone of the Year at Mobile World Congress, and he also discussed how 2014 will see an even better version of the phone. A version that we've already seen on several occasions, including a leaked video CNBC showed on-air while conducting the interview. Mackenzie declined to comment on rumors or confirm the phone is real (it is), but he did say:

"We're fortunate to play in this arena, in terms of mobile where there's so much interest and consumers are so passionate about it. It's humbling that customers are so excited, and that's reflected in people leaking in product...a leak is never good, but what it is a good indicator of is the excitement around customers wanting something different, and that's what HTC's about."

The trouble for HTC is that the excitement and accolades about its products have not translated to sales. HTC has been on a steady decline since 2012 and despite the premium experience, it has failed to keep up pace in the high-end market dominated by Apple and Samsung. Mackenzie likens HTC as a Rolex while competitors release Timex watches. The trouble with that metaphor is that Rolex is a dominant player in its industry while still being premium, something HTC cannot say. Watch the full interview at the link below for more information.

source: CNBC, via: Android Central

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