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LG G Flex ad is so bizarre that it must be terrible on purpose

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 06, 2014.

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There's no clear way to describe whatever this is supposed to be. LG, in an attempt to promote its G Flex smartphone, has taken a rather strange path to let people know about the device's self-healing coating and curved display. The company has released a two-minute video that's so odd that I'm convinced it was intentionally made to be this terrible with the intention of "going viral." It's the same theory I had when Samsung released that terrible Galaxy Gear advertisement, and LG is probably following in those footsteps.

I can see the metaphor that LG is trying to express here, but the execution is pretty bad. LG must have known that people would take one look at this video and be confused about what exactly is going on, and that would lead to them sending the link to a friend or making a blog post about it. I've fallen into your trap, LG. You've succeeded in confusing me to the point that I had to let others know.

source: Techcrunch

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