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FreedomPop launches "Snowden Phone" for anti-spying privacy phone with Bitcoin support

Product Launch by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 05, 2014.

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FreedomPop Privacy aka the Snowden Phone
FreedomPop Privacy aka the Snowden Phone

Wireless provider FreedomPop has offered a new-ish phone for people who care just as much about government surveillance and security as they do about apps and messaging. FreedomPop's Privacy Phone has encryption, privacy controls, and even Bitcoin payment.

The Privacy Phone, which FreedomPop also calls the "Snowden Phone" as a nod to government secret leaker Edward Snowden, features 128-bit encryption for voice calls and text messages. That won't prevent all monitoring practices, but it will shield users from intrusions on the content of their communication, according to FreedomPop. The phone also includes anti-malware and phishing protection, optional blocking of unsolicited calls and text messages from unknown sources, and confidential use of call history and message logs. FreedomPop uses VoIP to place phone calls and VPN for anonymous browsing, which makes it harder but not impossible to be monitored.

Unfortunately, that privacy comes at a price when it comes to technology. The Privacy Phone is built with a refurbished Samsung Galaxy II as a basis. Yes, the same Samsung Galaxy II released in 2011 that has all ready been replaced by three iterations of the phone. The specs will have to take a backseat if privacy is someone's main concern.

FreedomPop offers the Privacy Phone and three months of unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data for three months. Service will then cost $10 per month. FreedomPop even says it will accept Bitcoin for the phone purchase and monthly payments.

source: FreedomPop

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