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94% of T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in customers ditched BB OS for something new

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 05, 2014.

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Today is the last day that T-Mobile customers can turn in their working BlackBerry device and be guaranteed $250 if they switch to a new BlackBerry 10 phone. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, hardly any of the people who have ventured into T-Mobile to take advantage of the promotion have chosen to remain in the BlackBerry camp.

Yesterday we reported that the number of trade-ins at T-Mobile was 15 times higher than normal; however, the carrier chose not to report a breakdown of how many of those customers remained loyal to BlackBerry and how many chose to take $50 less and get a new Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. TmoNews has since discovered that only 6 percent of trade-ins were for a new BlackBerry device.

TmoNews obtained a screenshot of a T-Mobile Field Sales Update that states 94 percent of customers trading-in a phone opted for a "non-BlackBerry device at upgrade." One would expect that BlackBerry would have a low representation considering the overall smartphone market, but it's still surprising to see so many people abandon BlackBerry in a promotion that created greater incentives for them to get a BB 10 device. Perhaps not selling BB 10 phones in store made it difficult for people to select a device when newer and flashier models were available to see and touch? Did former BlackBerry owners just use their old devices to get a discount? (Note: the trade-in offer stipulates that a phone must be in working condition.)

As angry as BlackBerry's followers may have been about the promotion that sparked this revised trade-in program, the data appears to show that most consumers are content to try something new.

source: TmoNews

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