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Verizon Wireless ALLSET Plans become new prepaid option, starting at $35 per month

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday March 03, 2014.

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Verizon Wireless today announced a rebranding and shift of its prepaid option, now know as ALLSET Plans. The plans provide unlimited calling and texting on a basic phone or $45 on a smartphone, and total costs are affected by data choices. Basic costs for all customers include $45 per month to get unlimited calling and texting with 500 MB of data. Users can also text anyone in the US and some users on carriers in Canada or Puerto Rico at no charge. For a limited time, customers who enroll in AutoPay can increase their data to 1GB per month and get 1,000 international calling minutes.

A 500 MB cap is rather low, so Verizon has a Bridge Data plan that can purchase additional data that expires rather than increasing monthly costs. Someone who plans to travel and knows that he or she will use maps more and upload more photos can thereby choose one of these packages:

- $5 for 500 MB that expires after 30 days
- $10 for 1 GB that expires after 90 days
- $20 for 3 GB that expires after 90 days

The Bridge Data is designed to be a way to get additional data only when necessary. The packages do not activate until the original or previous package is used up. In other words, buying two 3GB packages at once doesn't start a clock that expires after 90 days. Users will have 90 days to use the first 3GB and the second 3GB won't become active until after that data and the standard 500 MB monthly data is used.

source: Verizon

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