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Google and Samsung push for China to examine Microsoft-Nokia deal

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday March 03, 2014.

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Google and Samsung joined Huawei and ZTE in asking that Chinese regulators set conditions that might ensure patent licensing agreements remain in tact following the sale of Nokia's handset division to Microsoft. Nokia will retain the bulk of its patent library when Microsoft takes control of its handset division, but other companies fear that rates may go up if the sale is approved. Rivals have reportedly the China Ministry of Commerce to place conditions on its approval for the Nokia sale that would require rates to remain fair.

Nokia has a long history in the wireless industry and holds key patents that smartphone vendors must license in order to release a device capable of meeting modern demands, so keeping those costs within reason is important to Google, Samsung, and others. Nokia recently won an IP battle against HTC that threatened to ban all sales of HTC's products before the two sides eventually reached an agreement.

Competitors to Nokia and Microsoft are keen to reduce the likelihood of further litigation or high rates in the future by petitioning China. Regulators are expected to approve the deal but there's no indication the Ministry of Commerce will place any restrictions on Microsoft or Nokia, according to a Bloomberg report. Regulators in the US and Europe have already approved the deals without any conditions.

source: Bloomberg

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