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Google Hangouts for iOS gets brand new layout and one feature even Android doesn't have

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 28, 2014.

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Google Hangouts for iOS
Google Hangouts for iOS

Google Hangouts on iOS has replaced its outdated and counterintuitive design. The latest update also adds some new features to give it parity with the Android version of Hangouts, and even adds the ability to post videos, something that Android version cannot yet do. Users can now record videos and post them into the personal or group chats, but the video cannot be longer than 10 seconds. There's also an option to post any of a few dozen animated stickers, or share current location with others. When placing a video call on an iPad, the full-screen now supports picture-in-picture calling.

The latest features are an obvious improvement, but it's hard not to see the drastic design change as the key change in Hangouts. The old app has been replaced with one optimized for iOS 7, which includes a new keyboard and appealing design to better mesh with newer UI conventions. Conversations are now listed in a screen-wide list and swiping right offers options to favorite, mute, archive, or to send out invites and video call requests directly from the list. Within a specific hangout, there's now a Group Details page that provides those same options, as well as the ability to leave a group, start a new hangout from the group, or turn off History. The best change that I've noticed so far is that because of the Group Details page, people will no longer accidentally start a video call by trying to get to settings.

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Google Hangouts for iOS
Google Hangouts for iOS

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