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Android is already safe, and it's about to be safer with new update

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 27, 2014.

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Earlier today, Google's lead executive for Android and Chrome stated that Android isn't designed to be safe because of its openness. That predictably lead to people parroting the tired "Android is unsafe!" nonsense. The cause of trouble on smartphones always lead back to users disabling protections meant to block non-sanctioned app installations. Despite constant reports about malware threatening Android, the vast majority of the millions of Android users throughout the world never deal with malware unless they willfully disable security measures and then install apps from unknown sources.

Soon, even those users will have extra protection.

ComputerWorld reports that Verify Apps is expanding to be a service that provides additional protection against malicious software. Verify Apps was originally introduced as a way for Google to scan recently installed apps and try to spot code that might be harmful to a device. Working in conjunction with Google's server-side security checks, the system helped warn users when unauthorized apps posed a threat to their device. Now Verify Apps will do more than just an initial scan; it will also run in the background to provide continued protection. Google maintains a constantly updated list of possible threats, so it remains confident that it can detect potential problems. Should an app update or a new issue be discovered, Verify Apps will be able to spot it and prevent damage.

Devices with access to Google Play Services will automatically update to include Verify Apps. Any Android 2.3 or later device from HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, or any other product running Google Play is included in the list of devices that can expect an update.

source: Computer World

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