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Google aims to make Project Ara phone cost $50 when it's launched in 2015

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 27, 2014.

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Google ATAP Project Ara
Google ATAP Project Ara

Following yesterday's announcement that Google plans to host an online developer conference for Project Ara, TIME's Harry McCranken posted an interesting article walking through Google's challenges, hopes, and plans for Ara. One of the interesting tidbits in the article is that Google aims to release Project Ara "a year or so from now," and the target price for the phone is only $50. Don't worry if that sounds too cheap, because Google plans to let people incrementally spend more on upgrades to build a more attractive device.

McCracken reports that Google favors a "grayphone" that contains only the most basic functionality needed to run the device. The standard $50 model would be Wi-Fi only and wouldn't even have a cellular connection. However, an app on the device could be used to customize the experience and build a better phone, adding components like a higher quality screen, a faster processor, a camera, and so on. The ultimate aim is to provide the bare essentials that makes it more affordable to all users and let people upgrade a phone that best meets their needs and financial capabilities. Ara would be accommodating to anywhere in the spectrum from low-end to high-end phones.

Project Ara will also use 3D printing to personalize images on the modules inserted into phones. It will also be distributed through mobile kiosks that Google will ship across the globe and setup in places that people will have fast access to build their phone. Another idea would be to include recommendations based on Facebook or Google+ activity, so a frequent traveler might be urged to upgrade to a strong camera and a long-lasting battery.

source: TIME, via: Android Community

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