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The All New HTC One may have a microSD card in some regions

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday February 26, 2014.

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As much as tech bloggers and a strong section of the enthusiast community loved the HTC One, many still complained about the lack of a microSD slot for expanded storage. HTC South Asia president Jack Yang has hinted that may not be a pain point for the HTC M8 follow-up we expect to see next month.

Speaking to CNET, Yang said, "Expandability is the key to our consumers." Yang used the term in reference to storage and transferring files between devices, signaling that the M8 might sport a microSD slot. However, it's unclear if Yang's comments were universal or specific for the region for which he is responsible, South Asia. You may recall that the 2013 model of the HTC One did not feature a microSD card when it was released in Europe and North America; however, variants released in Asia featured microSD slots.

HTC originally said the One lacked a microSD slot because the cellular radios took up too much space and didn't leave room for the design of the phone to include expandable storage. With a year of extra time and proof that a One can fit a microSD slot with some redesigns, perhaps the upcoming One might finally eliminate microSD slots from the list of complaints people have about HTC phones.

source: CNET

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