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Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on: hardware tour and new Touchwiz quick-look

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 24, 2014.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy S5 arrived a little earlier than we expected, but it's exactly what we expected. The parade of leaked devices in recent months made it impossible for Samsung to surprise us, but it still managed to impress - at least in some regards. The Galaxy S5 features a unique texture with a dimpled back that is unlike anything I've used in recent memory. It's somewhere between the texture of the Galaxy Note 3 and the original Google Nexus 7. The back plate is removable, so you can count on flip covers with different textures, from Samsung and other manufacturers, arriving later this year as a way to get more acquainted with the device.

The Galaxy S5 comes in blue, black, gold, and white color options, and each has a unique shimmer when light hits it. It gives off the appearance of metal even though it's a plastic material, and the same is true of the outer rim. However, that faux chrome rim now has ridges that are grip-friendly, and an extra helping of metallic-looking plastic covers the micro USB port to ensure that the phone remains water resistant.

One thing that immediately caught my attention, aside from the bells and whistles like a heart monitor that I'll never use, was the change in button placement. The menu button has been jettisoned for a multitasking button to access running apps, something that makes more sense because you're far more likely to need the multitasking view than you are a menu button in 2014.

If you'd some more information about the specs of the Galaxy S5, read this article here. For a hands-on impression of the device, watch the video below.

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