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Nokia X and Nokia XL hands-on: a look at the first Nokia Android smartphones

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 24, 2014.

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Nokia's device unit isn't a Microsoft company yet, so the company is making one last announcement as an independent company that probably won't go over very well with its soon-to-be owners. Nokia is now an Android smartphone maker that has released the Nokia X, and has plans for two more phones set to go on sale soon.

We've already highlighted the Nokia X and XL specs, which show that this is by no means a top level smartphone. The specs are entry level and the price reflects that, but the novelty of the situation - a company soon to be owned by Microsoft has forced Redmond to be an Android manufacturer once it acquires the device unit - makes this a unique and rather interesting case. Here's a video from SlashGear demonstrating the Nokia X and Nokia XL in action.

source: Slash Gear

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