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Nike+ Android SDK on the way based on new job openings

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 21, 2014.

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Nike has been openly dismissive of Android, despite Android becoming the most widely-used mobile operating system. Though the company does support an Android app, Nike Fuelband remains an iOS exclusive with no confirmed plans to expand to Android. However, that doesn't mean Nike is completely against supporting Android in its wearables. The company has a job listing that points to new support through an Android SDK built for fitness tracking.

Droid-Life has noticed that the Nike.com career center lists a number of jobs involving Android, including one for an engineer to support efforts to analyze daily sports activities through mobile apps and "custom sensors," as well as another opening for an engineer to support activity measurement for "internal and external clients." The listing states that the hired persons would contribute to an Android SDK to use with Android apps that integrate with Nike+ API. It's not a definitive sign that Nike might finally warm up to FuelBand with Android, but it shows the company is finally going to support Android in some wearable capacity.

It would be interesting if the SDK is a way for Nike to draw in other wearables. For instance, what if another fitness tracker or smartwatch were able to connect with Nike+ as a way to tie-in to activity tracking. This wouldn't mean Fitbit would abandon it's own platform, but perhaps some smaller developers might see it as a way to tap into a bigger service and bring more people to its other features.

source: Droid-Life

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