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Sprint Wi-Fi Calling launches on two devices to support better voice coverage

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 21, 2014.

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Sprint today announced that customers can now get enhanced voice calling options with a new Wi-Fi calling feature available on a pair of Android devices. The free service makes it possible to log onto a home or public Wi-Fi network and then place voice calls. An over-the-air update makes it possible o make the calls on a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini or a Samsung Galaxy Mega. Sprint says it will push the service to more devices throughout the year.

The introduction of Wi-Fi calling should provide a welcome boost for people in areas where Sprint's coverage is subpar. I'm a former Sprint customer who left the network behind because I received poor coverage at my old job and my house, the two places that I needed coverage the most. By offering customers a chance to get improved coverage without needing an Airave signal booster, the most common remedy for poor coverage on Sprint, customers now have a much easier and more flexible fix for weak signals.

Domestic calls are free when using Wi-Fi, but international calls will still cost the same standard rates as they would if the call were routed through the wireless network.

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