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HTC promises to replace cracked screens for first 6 months of ownership

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday February 18, 2014.

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The pain in your gut as you watch your phone fall to the floor need not be such a worry if you purchase an HTC smartphone. The company today announced a new program called HTC Advantage that will offer a one-time cracked screen replacement at no charge to the customer, if it happens in the first six months of someone owning the device.

The deal is available to customers in the United States and is guaranteed for all new purchases of the HTC One, One max, or One Mini. Of course with HTC confirming a new phone is debuting next month, perhaps you might want to wait until you put that guarantee to the test. HTC pitches this as a broad effort to attract more customers and commit to offering a little more than a one time sale, so it's likely that HTC will make the offer widespread to more consumers later this year. Anyone experiencing an unintentional drop test in the first six months can have their new phone's display repaired at no cost.

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