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LG Knock Code is a new hidden way to unlock a device

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday February 18, 2014.

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LG smartphones like the G2 and G Flex feature Knock Knock wake commands to open the phone from the lock screen. LG has expanded that feature to include Knock Code, a new wake command that only works when a specific pattern is entered on the screen. For instance, tapping twice on the middle of the screen will wake the G Flex with Knock Knock, but that won't be enough on the LG G Pro 2, the first phone to feature Knock Code. Instead, users will have to create a pattern like tap once on the left, tap again on the right, and then tap another time below.

A number of different patterns can be created with Knock Code, which uses 2 to 8 taps per pattern. It's also not area sensitive, so the code can be triggered if started on the top half of the screen or the bottom. It also doesn't matter if there's a huge gap between taps or they take place right next to each other; what matters most is that the pattern is entered correctly. Here's a video showing how Knock Code performs on an LG G Pro 2.

source: Android Central

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