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Nvidia will go all in on "superphones" for Tegra processors

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 14, 2014.

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Remember Nvidia? That's the company that once ran the spec wars among Android smartphones and tablets before watching competitors surpass it. The Nvidia Tegra series powered the first dual-core smartphone, the LG 2X; the first Google-sanctioned Android tablet, the Motorola Xoom; and the first Google-designed tablet, the Nexus 7 2012 edition. Since then, Nvidia has fallen on much harder times in the mobile realm and Qualcomm has become a nearly universal presence on the spec sheet of not just Android devices, but Windows Phone and BlackBerry as well.

Nvidia has a plan to become a stronger presence in the smartphone and tablet industry, and it calls for the company to focus entirely on "superphones" in the high-end market. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang recently said, "Our non-focus is mainstream phones." Huang wants to focus on the top-of-the-line smartphones with large displays meant for heavy media consumption, gaming, and high-powered activities. There's also a big push into integration between mobile and automobiles thanks to its involvement with PCWorld, via: Talk Android

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