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Verizon Wireless launches "More Everything" plans that raise data, cut prices

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 13, 2014.

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Verizon Wireless today announced "More Everything" plans designed to increase data allowances and increase options for international messaging without increasing the price.It's a deal for some and inconsequential for others. Under the new plans, Verizon will double the amount of data available in some Share Everything packages. Customers continue to get unlimited talk and text, but that now includes international messaging as well. The cost of some data packages has been lowered, so a subscriber can get unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for $80 per month before fees and taxes.

Customers who subscribe to the Verizon Edge early upgrade program will get a $10 per month discount for data packages, or $20 per month for 10 GB and higher. Verizon also announced that each More Everything line gets up to 25 GB in free cloud storage.

Existing subscribers who have Share Everything plans have automatically been converted to More Everything plans. The real benefits are mostly felt by customers on the lower tiers of data (3GB or below) or those who sign-up for Verizon Edge. The $10 to $20 discounts can be good for lowering costs for Edge, but the economics of Edge have been questionable. Verizon remains one of the most expensive carriers in the US, but More Everything could potentially make those costs sting a bit less.

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