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HTC M8 shows front of alleged HTC One successor

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday February 12, 2014.

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The HTC M8 smartphone is the likely successor to the HTC One. Supposed images of the phone have leaked with increased frequency in recent weeks, and more than a few fakes have been included. The latest leaked image claims to show the front of the M8, supporting other recent leaks and pointing out some potential things to dislike about the phone.

HTC has placed its logo on a prominent piece of space on the front area of the M8. It made sense for HTC to do that on the One because the capacitive buttons for home and back were next to them. However, the M8 uses on-screen buttons for those purposes, so there's no need to use that space. The logo now serves no purpose other than to take up space and advertise in an area that should be used to increase the screen size. There also appears to be a very thick bezel along the sides of the device.

The legitimacy of this rumor is hard to pinpoint. For now, I'd hope this is a fake, but it comes from the same source that showed a plausible image depicting the rear of the M8. Let's hope HTC arrives soon to free us from this silliness.

HTC M8 leaked image
HTC M8 leaked image

source: HTCFamily.ru, via: Engadget

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