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Leaked image of the new HTC One looks a lot like the old HTC One

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday February 05, 2014.

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The HTC One was hailed as one of the best-designed smartphones released in 2013, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the 2014 version of the follow, codenamed the M8, doesn't change much between the two phones. A leaked photo shows that the two devices are very similar except for two traits.

The M8 has the same outline as the HTC One. The device retains the long aluminum body with horizontal bands near the top and bottom of the phone. However, two things jump out at you: a fingerprint scanner and a dual-camera sensor. We've already known that HTC would embrace fingerprint scanners considering that the company already used the technology on its One Max. Unlike the One Max, which placed the sensor below the camera, the M8 puts the sensor high above the camera, which may make it difficult to access depending on how someone holds the phone.

We also knew that HTC would embrace a dual camera that would be capable of having Lytro-style refocusing on images. The module would most likely be the one that Toshiba detailed late last year. This leaked image appears to confirm both of the previous rumors.

Now we just have to ask when and where HTC will share its creation with the world. Earlier this week, evleaks said a launch event in New York City would likely take place in March.

HTC M8 leaked image
HTC M8 leaked image

source: HTCFamily.ru, via: Android Beat

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