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Tizen loses carrier allies and faces tough road ahead

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 03, 2014.

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Tizen may die out before the operating system even has a chance to officially enter the world. The upstart OS developed by Samsung and Intel has lost several carrier supporters in the run-up to its debut. Though NTT Docomo, Sprint, Telefonica, and Orange were expected to be among the lead carriers to support Tizen, all have since scrapped their plans because of delays and a lack of demand for the OS. Telefonica and Sprint have left the Tizen Association, and Orange has no Tizen phones on its roadmap. That leaves the OS with no current path to any of the major markets in North America, and few options in Europe. Samsung recently revealed that Tizen wouldn't appear in the US.

Samsung created Tizen as a way to introduce a more profitable backup to its reliance on Android. The company will continue with plans to unveil a prototype Tizen device at Mobile World Congress later this month, but post-conference options remain limited. The Wall Street Journal highlights how tough it is because of the carriers backing away and consumer demand seeming very low. Things are so bleak that Samsung is subsidizing the development costs of a music app called Maestro that has only 30,000 users. That's great upside for Maestro, but a telling sign of what Samsung faces that it would go after such a small section of potential consumers.

source: Wall Street Journal

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